Top Teaching Conferences in the US & United Vacations Coupons

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Attending an educational conference is one of the most effective ways today’s teachers can use to develop or refresh their intellectual capital. Educational conferences offer a way to take crash courses on the direction that your sector of education is taking. There are quite a number of conferences in any given year and you may find that your time and money are limited. If you are operating on a budget but still want to attend the conferences for career advancement and development, you can take note of the most important ones and ensure you plan to attend them.

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Top Teaching Conferences in the US

As stated above, there are a number of educational conferences that are held each year for the benefit of the education job sector. There are a few top conferences that are guaranteed to offer you an edge over your colleagues in your particular sector of education. These include:

Even if you do not have the time or money to attend all these conferences, they often post notes from keynote speakers and presentations on their websites which are worth a look. This will help you see the future of the sector as well as education in the United States and the speakers who delivered the talks.

Overview of Past Educational Conferences

Going by the feedback of several teachers who have attended a number of these educational conferences, here is a list of some of the top that have occurred in the past. The American Council that is responsible for foreign languages holds a conference that hosts the largest gathering of language teachers. The conference is usually held in a different city each year. The cities of Boston and Washington have previously hosted this conference. It ranks among the best conferences due to its awesome presentations and seminars offered by inspiring presenters.

The Computing Education Conference has been held in Seattle before. The Reading Association in Virginia is a sponsor of a statewide conference in various locations during the month of March.

Past Keynote Speakers and Topics

In past conferences that were sponsored by Reading Association in Virginia, past keynote speakers included Mem Fox, who read her stories and explained some useful tips on how to write to the young readers. Another notable speaker was Jack Prelutsky who described the influence that his environment had on his writing. There was the conference held by computer users association in Michigan (MACUL) where Jennifer James, the keynote speaker and a cultural anthropologist talked about “Thinking in the Future Tense”.

Lily Eskelsen, an official at the National Education Association(NEA) presented on “No Child’s Behind Left—Testing the Butt off America’s Children”. It offered the participants some information touching on the past and the future. Heidi Hayes Jacobs has in the past offered a brilliant presentation on curriculum mapping. She delivered high caliber information that it would assist in the professional development of the teachers present. Lynn Erickson is yet another great speaker who teaches on conceptual curriculum design in order to survive.

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